The event was attended by nearly 30 participants, almost half of them practitioners. Within the group there were farmers, advisors, Rural Development technicians, members of the Galician Office of Climate Change, and the Galician Innovation Agency.


On the 22nd of July, a report on agroforestry was broadcasted on the Belgian national radio channel ‘Radio 1’. Furthermore, the same day an article on agroforestry was published at the news website


The meeting started with a visit to an experimental agroforestry field at ILVO, where a variety trial of hazelnut trees was recently established, and where the effects are studied of combining short-rotation coppice (willow) or hazelnut trees with laying hens on free-range use, animal welfare, soil conditions and plant growth.


Legislative obstacles were analyzed and ways of improving Agroforestry situation regarding its implementation and trees protection were discussed.


Over 200 people attended each event and the AFINET project was promoted in a variety of ways, with pull up banners and project leaflets and postcards on display on information stands at each event.


After a long day of discussions, partners visited Tolhurst Organics, an innovative farm specialized in organic food where they saw on field different agroforestry practices. 


The location and time remain the same: Observatório do Sobreiro e da Cortiça in Coruche.


Professional Development for Agroforestry: Training, Higher Education and Certification, with Andy Mason, Kate MacFarland and Shibu Jose.


European Comission has triggered AFINET in CORDIS and OPENAIRE databases. 


In total there were 31 delegates, with each of the partners represented, advisory board and an European Commission representative.